Monday, May 7, 2007

I should post more.

I didn't stay at 180mg Armour for long, because I wasn't feeling quite right. The pounding heart wouldn't go away, and I wasn't sleeping well. I tried upping my HC some too, but it didn't seem to help. After a few weeks I dropped back down to 120mg Armour, and felt really good again. I think I just need the extra T4 without so much T3. I have another appointment with my doctor next week, so I am going to ask about getting a combo of Armour and Synthroid.
If I remember right, humans usually have 3% T3 to 97%T4, and Armour is 20/80. It works good for a lot of people, especially people that have a hard time converting. All I know is I felt so great right when I switched to Armour (I had all the T4 from the synthroid still in my body) and then the way my doctor explained it, is that the T3 in the armour kind of gave my body a kick start. So now I want some more T4 to go along with that T3.

I think my adrenals are getting better! I am taking 20mg HC. I will take 10mg in the morning, and if I forget my noon dose, I don't shut down like I used to, I just get a little tired. Before if I missed it, around 3:00pm or 4:00pm, it would be like someone unplugged me and it was time for bed. lol

I have been losing weight slower. Mostly because I hadn't been eating as good (I think it is harder to eat well when I am not getting enough hormone. I have way more cravings, ect.) I am back on track the last few days though, and exercising more, so eventually it will come off. ;)


Anita said...

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Laura said...

Any illness huh? Trying to sell something are we?