Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Doing better, but still not quite there yet.

I did finally call the doctor, and he increased my HC prescription to 20mg. Since I was not better mentally, after seeing the doc and getting blood tests, I began to raise my Armour (with docs approval). I am now up to 180mg (or 3 grains), and the fog is pretty much gone, but I am still pretty low in ambition and sex drive. I am better than I was last summer, but not anywhere near as good as I was for those two weeks right after I switched to Armour.
I think it is my adrenals keeping me from getting that well again. (I think at the time, that much energy in my body freaked my adrenals out.... which is why I got even worse after those two great weeks then I had been before.)
So the good news is that I do feel human again, the bad news is that I am still working on getting myself all the way back to myself.
I think I might need to increase the HC just a bit again, because since I raised my Armour, my temps have been unstable again.
I have a follow up appointment with my doc next month.

ETA: I have also lost about 12 pounds so far! That is good news too. ;)


Christine said...

HELLO :-) I found you through the stopthethyroidmadness website! it is good to see that you are on your way to recovery!!! i am SO excited for you that you lost so much weight too-- my biggest problems are weight gain and fatigue! i just sent in my saliva tests so we will see what stage of adrenal fatigue i am at...It looks like you have a good doc! i am in the middle of changing docs - i know that i need to be on more than 1 grain of armour and he doesnt know anything about adrenal fatigue! i LOVE reading your blog and all the wisdom to supply for those who are about to walk in your shoes! thank you :-)

Laura said...

I am glad I was able to give you some hope! :)
I went to your blog, but there are no posts. :(