Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hydrocotisone for my Adrenals

I went to the doctor on Thursday, and since I was not feeling much better, he prescribed hydrocortisone (from now on I will refer to this as "HC"). I am so excited it isn't even funny. Most doctors are afraid to prescribe it, because at high doses, it can be dangerous. At this low level though, it is really just replacing the cortisol that my adrenals are/should be making.
Taking HC is supposed to take over for the adrenals for a while, and give them a break, allowing them to heal. I don't fully understand it. If a person takes too much thyroid replacement, the thyroid will work less, and may even shrink, but replacing the cortisol, allows your adrenals to heal. It is important not to take too much though, and not to take it for too long, or your adrenals may shut down..... I think..

Anyway, I am just ready to feel good again.

He prescribed 10mg, taking 5 mg in the morning and 2.5 at noon and in the afternoon. I have been working my way up though, just in case of a thyroid dump. (If your body can't utilize the thyroid hormones in your system, the cortisol can jump start it, and you might end up with too much thyroid hormones working at once.) I am up to 7.5mg right now, and will probably end up around 20mg. Most people at seem to have the best luck around 20mg.
I will just do what my body tells me. (Letting my doctor know what I am doing.) He did say it might need to get raised, but I am not going to wait 6 weeks for that to happen. I have done enough waiting. (Sorry doc. ;) )

Since starting the HC on Saturday, I have been mostly tired, but I do feel just a tad bit more aware than I did. I think the HC is making me tired, but once I get an optimum dose, that should fix itself.

I am keeping track of my temp too. I am trying to follow this...

If my temps get stable from day to day, then it means that my cortisol/adrenals are optimized, and getting my temps higher means my thyroid is optimized. So the goal is higher more stable temps. Well, actually the goal is to feel better. :P

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J said...

Actually, most hypo folks who also have adrenal fatigue will need 20-30 mg...not just 20 mg. So just keep up with your daily averaged temps and you'll find the right amount for you. :) Because in order for your adrenals to truly rest and for healing to occur, you have to find that optimal amount. And the reason you can "heal" the adrenals vs thyroid is that the adrenals are simply fatigued, not diseased.

Once you have held your optimal amount of HC for a few months, and are ready to wean, go VERY slow. Don't rush it. SLOW. Once you do eventually get off, be prepared to use HC for stress dosing, because though your adrenals may have regained enough strength to get off HC, they may still need help to cope with stress for awhile.

Hang in there! You will be you again! :)