Saturday, January 13, 2007


At my last appointment with the doctor, he prescribed some T3 to go along with my Armour. When I went to fill it, my insurance wasn't going to cover it, and I didn't want to pay $53 a month when I could just raise my Armour dose. Armour is about 20% T3, 80% T4, and since my T4 was so low, that could only get better. He did say if my I started feeling hypo to call him.

I was doing ok, but after about a week, my heart was pounding a lot at night, and my insomnia was getting worse. I pretty much expected it, because from everything I have read, my body just can't handle that much energy while my adrenals are like they are. They just can't handle normal amounts of energy. So I lowered my dose back down, and I am sleeping better again.
I didn't call my doctor though. I will just tell him about it at the appointment.

I don't really feel any different after starting the supplements.

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