Monday, November 13, 2006

About me

Well, I guess I should start by writing a bit about myself.

I am 28 years old. I am happily married, and we have the sweetest almost 2 year old (in three days) little girl! Since high school, I have always thought of myself as a happy, bubbly, easy going, fun, and a bit lazy. I can be shy at first, but once I get to know someone, I might not stop talking. ;) I am smart, but a bit of an airhead at the same time. (I always got A's and B's without studying in high school, but I would forget my head sometimes if it wasn't attached. I also am a terrible spelor.) I am a "wanna be artist", in that I love doing artsy things, but I am not very talented. lol I have terrible hand/eye coordination, and really, I am not very creative. I am loving sewing and scrapbooking, because you don't have to be perfect at either thing to make something that looks nice. (You can redo stuff!)
I love to use parenthesis online. I guess it is my way of explaining things.
I grew up on a hobby farm, in the middle of nowhere. The country is in my blood. It is hard for me to live in suburbia, but I know it is where I am meant to be for now, so I am ok. Someday in the not to distant future, I must get back to the country.
I love animals! On that farm someday, I would love to have horses, a cow or two, some chickens, maybe some goats, and of course a dog or two.
Right now we have two cats, and I have two fish tanks.

I am a Christian. I love God, and know that He is watching over me and my family. I have total faith that He will provide for us, and will take us where we need to be. That doesn't mean that I have all the answers, or am always sure of why God does things the way He does. It does mean that I try to live my life for Him, and know He is taking care of us.

Hmmm... I tend to start things and not finish. I get excited about a new hobby, or project, and it consumes me for quite a while, then withers away into nothing. I played Sims for over a year when it first came out. Hours and hours were spent on that game. Computer games in general took up a lot of my time before I had my daughter.
Also the poor fish that I have. I was very "into" the tanks for a while, and now, although I love them, I don't think much of them except to feed and clean them. (I would still love to get a big tank someday though.) Some other things that I have gotten into then not done much with: watercolor painting, graphic stuff, cloth diapers, (I still use them on DD, and love them, I just don't search and buy anymore),photography, scrapbooking (although I am starting to work on this again.) You get the idea.

  • I am a clutz. Just ask my husband. Heh, heh.
  • I love milk, pizza, spaghetti and cookies.
  • I am afraid to eat raw meat, and have never had raw fish sushi (or any kind for that matter.)
  • I love to cook, but hate to clean.
  • I don't snore, but do talk in my sleep at times.
  • I love long hot baths.
  • I don't like getting up early. Even growing up I loved to sleep in till noon.
  • Love the country, hate the city. (Ok to visit, not to live.)
  • I love shopping, if I have the money, and am in the mood. I am a bargain shopper big time. I get so excited when I get a good deal that I have to tell everyone.
  • I love to read. I have been known to stay up all night to finish a good book.
  • I am messy. I tend to leave things until they get out of hand. You should see my desk right now. (Not much desk to see under all the paper and things. lol )
  • I am not gross mess though. I don't let dirty dishes lay around the house, or food.... YUCK! (The dishes will pile up on the counter though.)
  • I love spring, and summer, and fall, and winter all for their own reasons. I am in MN though, so I do wish winter wouldn't last so long.
  • I love MN though. We were in Denver for two years, and although the weather and lack of mosquitoes were great, the lack of water, and green, and family were not.

I love being a mother. I always knew I wanted to be a mom. One of the reasons I didn't push myself to go to college after "taking a year off" was because I knew I wanted to be home with my kids. Thank God I fell in love with someone who was able to make that happen for me.

On the other hand, I actually really like school, and would like to go back just for the sake of school. When my kids are all in school, I will probably go back for something or other... :)

My life hasn't been perfect. In fact, I have had some pretty messed up parts mixed in with the good. Overall though, my life is what has made me, me, and I am pretty happy with how I turned out. (Except for my Hypothyroidism of course, but I will get into that later.)

Ok, I will stop now. :D

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